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A "plan‐to‐go" deposit may be required after initial consultation. Usually we spend up to an hour planning alternatives for you for free. Then we request a small fee (and apply it to the cost of your tour) to cover the time our Alaska Tour Planning Specialists spend further customizing your tour to your timeframe and budget. This fee usually is $50 per adult.

Reservations are recommended as early as possible to confirm specific departures. A deposit of $500 per person or 50% of the total tour, whichever is greater is required at time of booking. Full payment is required 60 days prior to departure.

Cancellations and refunds: Deposits and other payments are non‐refundable.

Late reservations: Reservations booked within 30 days of departure are on a request basis and are subject to availability. Late reservations are subject to a $25 Express Handling fee.

Due to weather cancellation or change of some of tour components may be necessary and are non‐refundable.

Insurance: Trip Cancellation, Baggage, Personal Accident, Injury and Liability Insurance is highly recommended at time of booking.

Ask your reservations agent about the policies available from Viking Travel, Inc. or consult your insurance agent.

Responsibility: Viking Travel, Inc. acts as agents only and shall not be liable for any inconvenience, loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of defect or through the act of omissions of any person or company performing or rendering services. Viking Travel, Inc. uses independent contractors who are not servants or joint ventures with Viking Travel, Inc.

Updated: 12/01/14
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Petersburg Seals on Float 
Viking Travel, Inc.
101 N. Nordic Drive
P.O. Box 787
Petersburg, AK 99833

Tel:  907-772-3818
Fax: 907-772-3940

Toll-Free: 800-327-2571
Toll-Free: 800-382-9229
U.S. and Canada

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri  6:00am - 6:00pm
Closed: Sat & Sun  

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