Traveling with a Pet

Traveling with your Pet

Bring the kids, grandkids, and the family dog! A family vacation just isn’t the same without the whole family, so Alaska State ferries do allow pets on board all vessels.

When traveling on the ferry your pet must remain on the car deck in your vehicle for the entire sail.

If you are traveling on the ferry without a car your pet must remain in a suitable pet carrier on the car deck during the entire sail.

Pets are not allowed above the car deck or in passenger cabins. Owners may visit their pets on the car deck only while vessels are in port. Owners are also given the opportunity to attend to pets several times per day during extended sailings. This is done through the purser who will announce on board when the car deck will be open for approximately 15 minutes. During rough weather, at the purser's discretion, car deck calls can be cancelled due to safety issues with passengers on the car deck. If this happens, no access to your pet is possible at that time.

Owners will have the opportunity to disembark and walk their pets while vessels are in port.

Dogs, cats, and other household pets cost approximately $50 in or out of Bellingham and $25 to or from Prince Rupert; pet travel between any of our other ports is free.

There is no charge on any route for a certified service animal accompanying a person with a disability. Service animalsYour pet on the Alaska Ferry do require prior approval so that shipboard staff can be properly notified.


Pets must have a health certificate with proof of current rabies vaccination issued within 30 days of travel. This is required for pets entering the State of Alaska and you will need to show the health certificate in Bellingham Washington or Pr. Rupert BC prior to boarding.

The state of intended destination may impose additional requirements. Contact the state veterinarian of the appropriate state(s) for further information. To find out the requirements to bring an animal into Washington, please call: Washington State Vet's Office in Dept of Agriculture: (360) 902-1878. For phone numbers of other state veterinarian offices, go to the area offices page on the USDA web site.

A certificate of health is not required for pets when traveling between Alaskan ports. For travel by road through Canada, proof of a rabies vaccination within the last three years is required, but passengers should check directly with Canadian customs for additional information.

There is no charge on any route for a certified service animal accompanying a person with a disability. At the time of booking, please notify the reservations agent if you are traveling with a certified service animal; the reservations agent will notify all AMHS terminal and ship board staff. Only certified service animals are allowed on passenger decks aboard Alaska Marine Highway vessels. Comfort and therapy animals are required to follow the AMHS pet policy and will be restricted to the car deck.

Greeting other canine passengers!



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