RV's and Travel Trailers on the Alaska Ferry
Each year, thousands of vacationers combine an Alaska road adventure with a coastal experience by reserving space for their vehicle on the Alaska State ferry system. Alaska State ferries can accommodate RV's of all sizes and combinations, making travel by ferry a convenient way to set your own schedule, and to stop and explore the many different ports of call in Alaska's coastal communities. RV parks in most Alaskan and Canadian cities are plentiful and easily accessible.

Planning an RV trip on the ferry needs special consideration prior to booking a reservation. Before making reservations, be sure to measure your vehicle's total overall length, height and width. Fares are determined by the total length and width (including trailers or add-ons). Most ships can accommodate vehicles up to 60' in length. Measure the width of your RV with the mirrors folded in - 8'6" is the standard width rate, RV's that are 8'7" to 8'11” wide will be charged an additional 25% premium. RV's that are over 9' wide will be charged an additional 50% premium.

Propane must be shut off while traveling on the ferries, but you will have access to your vehicle each time a boat pulls into port. Port times vary from 1-3hrs and ice can be purchased within walking distance in most communities.

Sleeping in your RV is against Coast Guard regulations while the ship is underway, so cabins with bunk beds are available on most vessels. These private rooms vary in size from 2-berth cabins to 4-berth cabins with a sitting room. Many cabins have complete bathroom facilities. RV travelers are advised to make reservations early to ensure vehicle and cabin space, especially during the busy summer months.

Pets are welcome on the ferries; however, dogs and cats must remain in your vehicle until “pet call” or until we arrive in port.

Pets are $30.00 when boarding in Bellingham, WA, $12.00 when boarding in Prince Rupert, BC, and a health certificate is required for travel interstate to both Bellingham and Pr. Rupert BC. Click here for more information on traveling with your pet.

Traveling with a Pet on the Alaska Ferry.
Motorhome boarding the Ferry
Oversized Motorhome On The Ferry
Swivel Elevator loads vehicles on the Tustumena




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