Bringing your Firearms into Canada via the Alaska State Ferry
Bringing your firearm into Canada is a very easy process if you have completed the proper paperwork:

Print and complete three copies of the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration
(CAFC 909) form below

Complete the form but do not sign the forms until you are in the presence of a Canadian Customs officer as he must witness your signature.

If you are bringing more than three firearms into Canada, you will also need to complete the Continuation (
CAFC 910) form as well.

The fee is $50 Canadian for a 60-day Firearms Declaration, which may be renewed for 60 days at a time so you only pay once a year.  Multiple guns = only one $50 payment.  Special restrictions are placed upon persons under 18 regarding weapons.

Once approved, the CAFC 909 form will serve as your license and temporary registration certificate for
60 days

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration

CAFC 909 -
Click here to download (PDF 323 KB)

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read the PDF versions of these forms. Try the
Adobe Acrobat Help if you do not have this program.

Submission Information
The Non-Resident Firearms Declaration (
Form CAFC 909 EF), and its continuation sheet (Form CAFC 910 EF) must be presented in triplicate, unsigned, to a customs officer at your first point of entry into Canada.

If you have any additional questions about bringing a firearm into Canada, we suggest that you contact the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-732-4000 or (506)-624-5380. They can be reached by email at  and their website is

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